Decorative Material

Wooden Flooring

We supply imported engineered wood and wooden laminate floorings from Indian and Abroad. All products better than or equal to classification group 32 which means they are suitable for commercial use, the product comes with beauty and character, wide choice of colors, unique loc system, high quality of finish, excellent sound proofing, maintenance friendly, water resistant (optional) Applications: Bed rooms, Living room, Entrance Halls, and Kitchens, Class rooms, Offices, Hotels .


We supply wide range of carpets available in roll and tile form, wall to wall carpets available in loop pile and cut pile and PP and nylon. Carpet tile can be made as per specification for projects. We supply homogenous, printed, antistatic carpets; it comes with sanitized treatment which provides fro anti bacterial evaluation and prevention of other harmful organisms. It comes with beautiful patterns and colors. It is available in both tile and roll form.

Wall Paper

SB International offers you a wide variety of designs, shades & textures in Wallpapers. Manufactured by us and imported from world over – brought to you under one roof. Wallpaper being machine made is a Consistent Product. What you see is what you get. Wallpapers are available in a variety of finishes like vinyl, jute, cane, silk, suede, bamboo, metallic to suit your décor and budget.

Decorative Panel

Decorative Panel is an exciting new product that promises to transform ordinary interiors into spectacular and dramatic spaces. Imagine a stunning three dimensional feature wall as the focal point of your area or creating a warm and intimate atmosphere with a more subtle design. You will cherish our decorative wall panels that create a totally unique type of wall decor, indoors or out.