Lighting Products

LED Lighting

We are renowned dealers of a power saving range of LED Lights. the perfect fit for retail, hospitality, healthcare, office, commercial and home lighting applications.

Outdoor Lighting

The lighting today is not at all limited to lighting up your interior space but rather also making the space outside your house glow up and looks all the more better, cause that is what everybody sees. Thus decorating the space outside is very important for any lighting you think of. There is variety of options to explore. And so you have always got an option to make your outer space look better always.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative Lighting of any residential interior evolve creating a mood and adding interest to a room by highlighting or spotlighting, certain areas and objects such as paintings and collectibles. The room is broken into several zones by lighting and switching them separately, and then accordingly adjustment is made for the mood you want to set.